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Ritratto di Fabrizio Amadori 2018
Photo by Luigi Gattinara

Fabrizio Amadori, born in Genoa in 1971, a graduate of Mazzini classical high school, and with a philosophy degree from the Genoa State University, loves literature in German and Russian. He has lived in Milan since 1999, after various experiences elsewhere, first as a pizzeria manager in Germany, then as a teacher in Italy and Zambia. Since January 2007 he has worked in communications for businesses ranging from the very small to the multinational. He has had many articles and interviews published in national newspapers and journals (Filosofia, Avanguardia, Poeti e Poesia, Ideazione, and others). As a literary researcher he has written on the theory of writing (as in his essay “Ragionare alla Poe,” Avanguardia no. 59). He was the first to speak of “deductive narratology.” In 2000 he won, from an Italo-American foundation a research and study grant to develop the discussion begun in his pamphlet Giovani e potere—or Giovani, sesso e potere depending on the edition (Young People, [Sex] and Power); he worked in close contact with, among others, Anita Desai and Philip Levine. A polemicist, he has also written for cultural publications. Recently he has begun publishing poems—or “rhymed texts” as he defines them—in the journal Poeti e poesia. Formerly a committee member of the Enzo Tortora Association of Milan and general adviser to the Coscioni Association, he worked as an advocate for the referendum to abrogate Law 40 and achieved an important result: convincing the daily, communism-inspired newspaper Liberazione to use material provided by the radical association as part of the campaign.


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